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Garbage Pick Up

Garbage pickup at The Shell House is once per week, every Tuesday, typically in the morning. You may notice that our neighbors typically take their garbage bins out to the street on Monday evenings so that they don’t miss the morning pickup.

  • Tan/Brown Garbage Bin (with black lid): Household garbage only. Must be bagged.
  • Green Recycling Bin (with blue lid): Paper, Metal, Cardboard, Plastic and Glass.

Each bin has wheels so they should be relatively easy to move. We typically roll each bin down to the bottom of the driveway on Monday evening and leave them on the grass, facing the street, on the side of the driveway that is opposite the mailbox. After pickup, please return the bins to their spot - which is located just inside the gate facing the side door to the garage.

For more information on local garbage pickup, please click: HERE

The holiday schedule for local garbage pick up is located: HERE

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