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Heater/Heat Pump

Overview: The pool is heated so that it can be used all year round. For a pool this size, it will typically take a full day of operation for the heater to raise the temperature of the pool water up to the desired level.

Pump Operation: When the heater controls are in a dormant state the actual temperature of the water in the pool is displayed. To turn the heater on you must activate the controls by sliding your finger across the keypad from left to right where indicated. By pressing “Mode” you can then toggle between “HEA” - which means that the heater is ON - or press “Mode” again and toggle back to “OFF”. While the heater controls are active you may adjust the water temperature either up or down by pressing the arrow keys. The heater controls will quickly return to a dormant state when not in use.

Note: With the power on but no water flowing through the pump, the control will read: "FLO". This is the normal resting state of the heater.

Recommended Temperature: According to the American Red Cross and the National Pool and Spa Institute, the recommended swimming pool temperature for most aquatic activities should be between 83 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. For more information on swimming and water safety, please click: HERE

Olympic racing and FINA events mandate a water temperature between 77 – 82 degrees (25 – 28°C), whereas synchronized swimming requires an 81 degree (give or take a degree) pool. For diving, they set the pool water temperature to a moderate 79 degrees (26°C).

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