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Swimming Pool Swimming Pool

Deck Lights Outdoor Wall Lamp

The east end of the pool deck can be lighted by soffit lights. The switch for the soffit lights is located on the wall beside the sliding glass door to the bedroom in the lanai. When the red lever is in the down position, the soffit lights are off. When the red lever is in the up position, the soffit lights are on. Please remember to turn the soffit lights off when not in use.

The west end of the pool deck can be lighted by an outdoor wall lamp. The switch for the outdoor wall lamp is located beside the door leading out to the pool deck in the master bedroom. Please remember to turn the outdoor wall lamp off when not in use.

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Heater/Heat Pump

Overview: The pool is heated so that it can be used all year round. For a pool this size, it will typically take a full day of operation for the heater to raise the temperature of the pool water up to the desired level.

Pump Operation: When the heater controls are in a dormant state the actual temperature of the water in the pool is displayed. To turn the heater on you must activate the controls by sliding your finger across the keypad from left to right where indicated. By pressing “Mode” you can then toggle between “HEA” - which means that the heater is ON - or press “Mode” again and toggle back to “OFF”. While the heater controls are active you may adjust the water temperature either up or down by pressing the arrow keys. The heater controls will quickly return to a dormant state when not in use.

Note: With the power on but no water flowing through the pump, the control will read: "FLO". This is the normal resting state of the heater.

Recommended Temperature: According to the American Red Cross and the National Pool and Spa Institute, the recommended swimming pool temperature for most aquatic activities should be between 83 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. For more information on swimming and water safety, please click: HERE

Olympic racing and FINA events mandate a water temperature between 77 – 82 degrees (25 – 28°C), whereas synchronized swimming requires an 81 degree (give or take a degree) pool. For diving, they set the pool water temperature to a moderate 79 degrees (26°C).

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(Underwater) LED Light

For your enjoyment the pool has an underwater LED light. The on/off switch for the underwater LED light is located inside the house on the wall below the air conditioning thermostat. Please turn the underwater LED light off when you are not using the pool

Leaf Skimmer/Net Leaf Skimmer

For your convenience, a leaf skimmer net on an extendable/retractable pole has been provided. You can find the leaf skimmer net just inside the garage side door. Please return the leaf skimmer net to this location when you are finished with it.


The pool is salt water. Because they have lower chlorine levels, salt water pools are said to be much gentler on the eyes and skin. Salt water pools also tend to produce softer-feeling water, which many find desirable. There is no chlorine or harsh chemicals to add.

The pool is professionally maintained by a local company called Pelican Pool Service. Pelican Pool Service comes once a week, typically every Wednesday in the early afternoon, to clean and maintain the pool. In case of a pool maintenance emergency Pelican Pool Service can be reached at: 239-209-1820.

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Outdoor Shower Outdoor Shower

A cool, fast and refreshing way to rinse off either before or after using the pool! Careful though, the water from the shower is not heated and can feel very cold, especially when it’s very hot outside. Turn the yellow lever down to turn the shower on, and back to the horizontal position to turn it off. Please remember to never leave the shower running when not in use. Thanks!

Pool Pump

The pool pump has been set to run for approximately ten (10) hours per day, between about 9:30AM and 7:30PM EST every day. Please do not adjust the timer or alter the pump settings.

Safety Safety

For your own safety, please follow the rules:

  • No glass in the pool or on the pool deck
  • No running
  • No diving
  • No food in the pool
  • Swim at your own risk

Please don't leave children or pets unattended while in or near the swimming pool.

Note: You can bypass the swimming pool area and access the backyard via the side door from the garage. If you don't want children or pets on the pool deck you can have them enter and exit the backyard via the side door from the garage.

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Water Level

The water level in the pool should always be high enough so that the foot pad of the top rung of the ladder is at least slightly under water. If the water falls below that level, please add more water to the pool from the black hose which is located below the outdoor shower.

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